Are you considering selling your home? We are Beach Cities and South Bay home specialists and have the tools and network to get your home sold fast. Take advantage of our home seller information page to find out the value of your home, our marketing plan, the home selling process, how you get started, costs involved with selling your home frequently asked questions and more, We are top producers at South Bay Brokers and are residential real estate experts in the South Bay cities and neighborhoods including Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, El Segundo, Hollywood Riviera, Hawthorne, Hollyglen, and Palos Verdes.  
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Listing and Selling South Bay Homes - What Makes Us Different!

In years past it was enough to hire a realtor that would simply put out a sign and add the home to the local MLS. The market has dramatically changed, however, and selling a home in today's market requires and agent that not only knows the market and local home values, but one that understands just how to reach today's buyers. With over 80% of homebuyers beginning their home search online it is absolutely critical that your home be front and center. Maximum exposure means more potential buyers, shorter days on market, and opportunity for a higher price. Most agents will add your home to the local MLS but we take the process much further.

How can we help?

We offer our clients a higher degree of online marketing exposure through:

  • Featured advertising on critical real estate destinations such as Zillow and Trulia (See where we advertise online)
  • Virtual Tours. Not only do we have professional photographers help make your home look bigger and brighter we use these fantastic pictures to make virtual tours for every home we sell.
  • Video. The latest necessity to reach today's homebuyer, we offer our clients actual video walk throughs of each home. These videos show the features of the home in a more reliable light than photos alone and along with narration and information could be the difference between your home selling or sitting on the market. (view samples of our online home tours)
  • Search engine saturation. We are absolute experts in having your home show up in searches. Not only are we e-Pro certified, meaning we have attained the National Association of Realtors designation for online and social media training, but we have learned from an abundance of real world situations. From top placement on sites such as Google and Yahoo when a buyer types in your address, to keyword searches and our high placement, your home will be seen. Search just about any key phrase of real estate in the South Bay and our websites are most often on the first pages.
  • In addition we certainly take full advantage of traditional methods of marketing and advertising, from public open houses, to professionally designed websites and color flyers, to "just listed" postcards and of course....for sale signs (see our full Advertising and Marketing Strategy)

If you have considered selling your home and wondered how to begin, you've come to the right place. Our seller information center offers helpful advice, answers your questions, and can help take the stress out of the process. We are South Bay experts and can help throught the marketing and selling process.

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Homesellers FAQs

If you are considering selling your home in the South Bay, These frequently asked
questions may help.

Is this the right time to sell my house?

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to sell your home. There are times when you may need to sell, such as when your job location or lifestyle change, or you have serious money problems. You may have outgrown your current home or are now able to afford a better place and are ready to move up. When the economic forecast is good, you may want to sell and take advantage of the strong market. Additionally, if you have inherited a home, it wouldn't make sense to continue making payments if it will be empty.

What is the most important factor in deciding to sell?
Be certain! If you are not sure you want to sell, you won't put forth the required effort or negotiate in good faith. Beyond being a waste of time, in certain instances a buyer can force you to honor a signed contract even if you change your mind. Save yourself the trouble.

How do I determine the sales potential of my home?
The basic influencing factors include location, appearance of house and neighborhood, size, condition, view, percentage of owners to renters in your neighborhood (owners tend to have a pride in ownership), and crime rate. Contact us if you would like an in depth analysis of the value of your home in todays market.

What are the steps once I've decided to sell?
First, choose a REALTOR¨ and ask for a comparative market analysis. This will help you determine a fair asking price--high enough so you get what your home is worth and realistic enough so you interest buyers. Secondly, look into the current mortgage interest rates. It will affect what potential buyers can afford, and what you can afford if you move up. Also, consider the time of year. The most popular time of year for families to move is in the summer, when children are out of school and the holidays are a long way off. Early spring is usually the best time to list and receive the maximum exposure. Fix up the overall appearance of your home, with an eye for the little, easy things like cobwebs in the corner. More on this below.

How can I best work with my REALTOR?
Ask about and understand what marketing steps he or she will take and when they will occur. Define your expectations of the transaction and communicate them. Disclose problems, keep your house in good condition and let the REALTOR® take the lead with buyers. Keep your house clean, the yard neat, and be ready at any time. Let your REALTOR¨® show the house, but if you are at home during a showing, look neat and stay inconspicuous. You probably have less experience, may make buyers uncomfortable, and may want to avoid hearing any negative comments buyers may have. Finally, you must allow inspections, fix anything necessary, and show up at the closing.

What should I do to get my home ready for showing?
Start by taking a look from the street. This is the first impression potential buyers will get. Remember what you liked when you first saw the house. Have you improved on it or let anything go? Next, walk slowly through the interior. Eliminate odors, especially pet and smoke. Clean the windows and pull back the drapes to maximize light, bright rooms.

We've found a great house at a good price. Should we buy?
You have three basic options. You can wait until you sell your current home. With this option you risk losing the new home to another buyer, but you may find one later you like even more. Secondly, you may add a contingency clause to your offer, stating that you must sell your current house before closing on the new one. Third, if you are having trouble selling your current house, you may consider renting it out or refinancing it for cash to help you buy. The problems associated with this third option include finding and managing tenants, trying to sell the house with tenants, and closing costs and higher mortgage payments with a refinance.

What are the important factors when considering an offer?
Consider all of the following: price, terms, clauses, personal property requested, and the amount and who holds the earnest money.

What can I do to help get potential buyers financed?
You may offer to pay points, which will reduce the rate and interest on the loan. If the buyers have adequate income but are a little short on cash, you may pay the non-recurring closing costs at the settlement. Another option, which should never be taken without fully understanding the risks, is to hold a second mortgage for buyers who cannot qualify for the full amount.

Are there any special considerations when selling a condo? The most obvious difference is the maintenance fees. You may want to remind buyers that maintenance fees can often work out to less money than single-family home maintenance costs because condo fees are shared by all owners.

If you are considering selling your South Bay home, or just interested in the current market value, we can help. Tell us just a little about your home and we will provide current pricing information, comparable sales and helpful advice

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