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Common Loan Terms

Adjustable Rate Mortgage  gives the option to make low payments for the 
first few years of the loan after which the rates and hence payments can be 
raised to any high level depending upon the index associated with your 
Alternate Doc: Alternate documentation allows documentation to be obtained 
directly from the borrower.rather than from the borrower's employer, bank, or 
mortgage servicer, i.e. bank statements instead of Verification of Deposits 
(VOD), Paystubs and W-2's instead of Verification of Employment (VOE), etc.
Pay Option ARM - Also known as Option ARM, Pick a Payment, Cash Flow 
Loan, Negative Amortization Loan. This loan product allows the borrower to pick
between at least three payment options each month (Minimum Payment, 
Interest Only Payment or Fully Amortized Payment). If the borrower chooses to 
pay the minimum payment in any given month, then the difference between the 
fully indexed pay rate and the minimum pay rate is added to the principal 
balance of the loan resulting in negative amortization (or deferred interest).
Reverse Mortgage - A special type of home equity loan for persons 62 and 
older. Reverse mortgages allow owners to convert some of the equity in their
homes to cash. The loan does not usually have to be repaid during the 
homeowner's lifetime. Loan advances are not taxable and do not affect 
 the homeowner's Social Security or Medicare benefits.
Interest Only Loan - This loan product allows the borrower to make monthly
mortgage payments in an amount equal to that which will cover the interest
payment on the principal amount ofthe loan. Therefore, the loan balance
stays the same for the term of the interest only period of the loan. If
the interest only period expires prior to the expiration of the loan then
the loan will begin to amortize at a schedule tied to the remaining term
of the loan.
HELOC: Home Equity Line of Credit. This loan product allows borrowers to 
tap into and borrow against the equity in their home. This loan product is 
typically priced off of and floats with the PRIME rate.
Full Doc: Full documentation refers to standard Fannie MaelFreddie Mac 
documentation. It is in the form of fully completed documents that are sent 
directly to the borrowers employer or depository and upon completion,must 
be returned directly from the employer or depository.
SlVA:  Stated Income Verified Assets. This documentation type requires
that the primary source of income be verified while the amount of income, 
although disclosed, is not verified. Unearned or passive sources of income, 
if used to qualify, must be verified in the standard manner.
SISA: Stated Income/Stated Assets: The borrower's employment is stated
and verbally verified. The borrower's income and assets are stated and not 

NINA:No Income/No Asset. The borrower's employment, income, or assets
are not disclosed or verified.


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