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Key Affiliated Companies During Your Escrow

Your Title Company . . .
• Researches title history of property
• Provides preliminary title report to escrow
• Insures property title in your name
• Records title transfer with County Recorders Office

Your Lender . . .
• Determines your borrowing power prior to looking
• Assists in loan application process
• Makes necessary verifications and approves application
• Orders property appraisal and approves the value
• Forwards loan proceeds to escrow

Your Escrow Company . . .
• Serves as the neutral depository of funds
• Main facilitator of communications to all parties
• Prepares escrow instructions and amendments as required
• Orders preliminary title report
• Forwards preliminary title report to seller, buyer and lender for approval
• Requests beneficiary statement if there is an existing loan
• Oversees compliance for all specified loan requirements
• Prepares or secures the deed and/or other documents
• Meets with buyers and sellers to sign loan documents and other paper work
• Receives purchase funds from buyer and other sources, if any
• Prorates taxes, interest, insurance and rents, if any, according to instructions
• Requests issuance of title policy
• Informs lender when all conditions are met and requests funding
• Forwards deeds and other documents, as instructed, for recording to title company
• Disburses funds as authorized and closes file
• Prepares final statement showing disposition of all funds


South Bay Brokers

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Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
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